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7 Ways on how to deal with your friend dating your guy.

Dealing with betrayal in a relationship can bring more damages either physically or emotionally. To avoid these effects, then as a woman in case your friend snatches you your man, then just do this;

1. Be good to her

This is your friend whom you have been helping all the time but you discover he or she has betrayed you. Do not do show her that you are bitter but instead continue assisting her as a good friend. This will help to avoid embarrassment that could be caused due to anger.

2. Just move on

You have done your investigation well and you are sure that your friend is really in love with your man. You have nothing to do about it rather to accept the way it is and set them free. This will make your guy feel guilt at one point and believe me he will just come back to you. In addition you friend will feel ashamed always.

3. Show her happiness

You do not need to show your friend that you are being hurt by her actions but smile and laugh with her as if nothing has happened. Just show happiness to her and you will avoid alot of damages and hatred that could be caused.

4. Stay away from her

Sometimes it's not that easy to control your anger when you still see the same person who has offended you always. When you are in this condition try to stay away from your friend where you cannot meet her. It will really help in calming your bitterness and restore back your normal condition. You are a beautiful girl, don't fight back to hurt your friend.

5. Be hopeful for a better man

Give your self hope for accepting what has happened and move on. Encourage yourself that another person will realize your beauty and be a better man than this. Talk to your friend and tell her that, you have decided to part with the man and she should take care of him as you used to do.

6. Do not take her as an enemy

Despite her drama do not see her as your rival but a better friend. Treat her the way you used to do for her. Text and call her always just to maintain that friendship. This will ensure that the issue of competing is not created at all.

7. Forgive them.

She might have done this out of her conscience and you don't need to keep it in your heart forever as this might really affect you emotionally. Once you have accepted everything as an intelligent woman, then just forgive her for what she has done.

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