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Reasons Why You Should Avoid Impressing A Woman

When you are trying to impress a woman, basically you are showing her that your value is lower than hers. Most men will always do the things which women love. By doing these it shows you do not have a common stand. Women like men who believe in what they say. You should be superior to her. Its not bad to impress her but you should avoid over doing it.

Once you start showing her that she is important, she will play you. Once she starts cheating to you, there is no way you can stop her. These is because she will have understood that you are inferior so there is nothing you can tell her. As a man you should avoid showing a woman that she is that important. Infact girls like rude boys.

She will hate you more.

Women like men who they are willing to fight for them. Once you stat showing her that she is superior than you, she won't have confidence in you. It will show that you can't fight on her behalf. A true man should always be ready to defend her lovely one when need arises.

She won't accept you to marry her.

These is the hard truth you need to believe. When you find a woman accepting your hand in marriage, it shows that you have all the qualities that she needs. Most women let men down due to their feminine nature. Act as a man and you will have more women around you. Go to gym and eat well.

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