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Relationship red flags you should never ignore

There are things that might be happening in your relationship that are not always so obvious we fail to notice at the beginning of the relationship. But after some time they turn up to be the greatest turn off which might lead to a breakup. Some of the red flags you should never ignore include ;

1 if your partner is hanging out with friends that you don't like chances of you being compatible is very low. At that moment they may be acting or behaving differently from their friends but this is always bound to change as a person's character can be highly associated with the people he spends most of his time with.

2 they talk too much about their ex. If you are getting into a new relationship and how it's their fault that the relationship ended, they are probably not the partner you can have. A good partner should not be looking at mistakes they made in the previous relationship but how to make their current work.

3 your partner is always having excuses on why they can't spend time with you. Despite how busy you can get it is important to put some time aside to spend with your partner as this will help grow your bond as a couple.

4 you don't have set goals you want to accomplish as a couple. Any long term relationship should have plans for their future how they want to live marriage investments kids. If your partner is avoiding this talks that might be a sign they are only in for a short period and are not planning to stay

What are the things your partner did that gave you a hint they are not in for a long term relationship share your opinion in the comment section below.

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