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Wedding planning scene

A Bride is Left in Regrets After A Man She Dumped For Being Poor Stormed Her Wedding Loaded In Cash

Weddings are made to be fun and it's a day supposed to be filled with joy, happiness and laughter. It is the ultimate day when two lovers get to exchange their life union vows and express their love to the public.

On this particular day, many invited and non invited guests come together for one common purpose, to enjoy with the couple and get time to dine and wine together as they witness newly Weds formalize their union.

However, a wedding did not turn out as expected and instead of joy and laughter for the bride, she was left in Regrets and astonishment.

Photo Courtesy: People at a wedding

This resulted due to presence of one unique guest to the wedding ceremony. The guest in question was an ex boyfriend to the bride whom the bride had dumped for being poor.

During those days, the girl claimed that the ex could not cater for her financial needs and thus she opted to walk out of their relationship. She later met another man who is currently her husband.

On his part, the dumped guy worked hard and fate blessed him with loads of cash. He then decided to flock his ex's wedding and flaunt his financial success, clearly proving that today's state does not define tomorrow's fate.

His loads of cash left the bride bewildered and most probably she must have had Regrets as to why she dumped the guy for his financial status.

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