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Men, 10 Painful Effects Of Dating A Married Woman That You Didn't Know

1. Her husband might know about it anytime. You are doing it as a secret and you are happy for that without considering if her husband learn about it one day. If he is aware that you are cheating with his wife, then you will remain guilty and afraid with the fear of being disciplined for that.

2 . She has other men in her life. This is a woman who has secretly started dating with you. Therefore, your relationship will lack that seriousness. As a result you always be on suspicious about other men dating her.

3. You will affect your self-esteem. You will never be a settle man since this woman after finishing with you, she goes back to her husband. You will keep on questioning yourself why she can't leave that man for you. Immediately you start falling in love with a married woman then just know one day yourself esteem will suffer.

4. She won't leave her family for you. It feels bad to date someone you know you won't have her forever. This is because she really love her husband more than you. Yes, that's a fact you should know. Therefore, you are in her life for a short period of time.

5. It will annoy you family if they find out. You are forgetting how embarrassing it will be once your family get too know about this. They will always warn you against it and it will be a shameful think indeed.

6. She might be seeking revenge using you. A woman can cheat just to punish his guy for his infidelity. Her aim is just to make her husband feel how she feels. Therefore, she might fall in love with to seek revenge. In this case she doesn't care whether her husband knows it but you will innocently suffer for it.

7. Your only work is to make her comfortable. She might take you as a comforter, incase her guy is not treating her well. She will just feel that happiness to hear word such as I love you and you are beautiful. Anything more than that she won't accept. This means you can't think about developing yourself when you are with her.

8. She will be unfaithful to you too. This is a risk that most men dating married ladies fail to realize. You might be her number 5 lover and after you could be another series of men. In simple term I mean she will still cheat on you despite how good you are to her. Just know this is a woman on mission.

What do you say? Let me hear from you too.

Content created and supplied by: @Kennedy_Ayekha (via Opera News )


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