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Husband and wife relationship

"My Husband Brought Another Wife, Threw Me Out While Pregnant Because Of My Head Tumor" Lady Narrates

Marriage is a lifetime union between a man and a woman and often ordained by God. Today,i bring you an emotional story of a 24 year old mother,Jane who was thrown out by husband because of a tumor in the head.

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According to an interview on Afrimax Tv, people often bully and calling her a zombie and one with 2 heads. It all happened after she started having headaches that were persistent.

Jane told her parents who rushed her to the hospital and were given painkillers. However, this got worse as her head started swelling. The doctors told her that they were unable to give her the treatment. They advised her parents to take Jane to a city hospital.

Since they had no money they went back home. After some years of saving money she finally went to the city hospital. However,the money she had was used in doing a scan. But when going back to the hospital but they gad misplaced her results. She lost hope and went back home.

She found a man who took her as a wife. But after some months the man brought another wife and kicked her out of the house while pregnant. Jane did not go back to her parents but tried to look for a house to live in. She gave birth but the husband has never checked on them.

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