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10 Simple Ways To Show Love To your Parents

Parents are our everything. They are our second God. Parents go through alot just to ensure that their children are comfortable and loved. Today let's learn how to show love to our parents mommy and daddy.

1)Ask them for advice in challenging facts and follow the advice.

2) Stay away from phones in there presence. This is a digital world but as kids let's learn to put away our phones when talking to our parents.

3) Don't bring up bad memories. We all know that parents are not perfect sometimes they wrong us, but if you forgive them, don't again remind them of how they treated you.

4) Make them your priority. Our parents should come first in everything we do.

5)If you disagree don't be rude about it but learn to calm your anger until you are in the mood to talk.

6) Share your good news with them, for example passing an interview,exam or any good thing that happens.

7)Be greatfull for what they have done for you.

8)Develop a positive attitude towards them.

9) If you are religious pray for them.

10) Get them gifts.

These are just some of the few ways in which we have to show love to our parents. They are so simple to follow.

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