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Avoid this when talking to a girl you like

As a grown up man,there are things that you should try as much as possible to avoid some bad behaviours.This is because thry lower your standards and makes you less attractive.Today am going to share with you the things that you should avoid while talking to a girl you like.Do this every time and they are very effective.

Avoid looking at other girls while talking to her.This is a bad behaviour that will make her turn you down.This is because it shows that you are not interested in her.Concentrate at your conversation with her.Looking at other girls while talking to her shows how insecure you are.

Try as much a possible not to show her that you are nervous.If she realises that you are afraid or shy,she will dominate the conversation.So do not let her notice your fears or shyness.Talk at a low talk and portray confidence instead.Women don't like men who are shy or afraid to talk to them.Be friendly and dominate the conversation.

Avoid crossing arms while talking with her.Crossing arms shows that you are kind of nervous or afraid of her.Stand upright with your chest forward and the back straight.This way you will look confident.This also makes you look tall and strong.Women desire to have tall and strong men who they can feel save around them.

Avoid loosing your temper easily.No matter how annoyed you are,try to suppress the temper.Women do not like men with a high temper around them.This is because they do not feel safe as you may hurt her.Be a friendly guy who she can fell save around.This way she is going to like you and even want to be with you.

Avoid telling a woman lies about yourself or other things.Lies do not last for long.Be a honest guy around her.You should also be careful not to tell all your secrets.Tell a reasonable amount of truth and keep the most important things to yourself.This is because you never know how that information might be used against you some other time.

You should stop treating women as gods rather than human beings.Most men see women as very special creatures more beyond humans.They are human and deserve a human treatment.When you treat her as different she is going to take advantage of your.Sometimes have the courage to say no to something that you do not agree with her.This way she will see you as a man of your own standards.Thank you for your time.Follow me for more interesting articles like this everyday.

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