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6 Popular Dating Rituals That Kenyan Men Do In The Name of Love

Dating is a fascinating world that's constantly evolving to accommodate new social norms and customs. Love is universal, but our dating rituals are as diverse as we are.

Dating is no longer just about finding someone you like and hoping they like you back. It can be a complicated and sometimes painful process.

Here, we’ll explore the 10 most popular dating rituals that Kenyan men do in the name of love.

1. Touching is Overrated.

This is one of the most common dating rituals that Kenyans use in the name of love. Women are much more tactile than men. If a man wants to be held, hugged or kissed, he should just ask for it. Touching is overrated.

2. Leaving the girl at home.

This is one of the most common and most troublesome Kenyan dating rituals. It's to help avoid the physical dangers involved in pursuing a woman (stalking, getting hacked, being tempted, etc.) but it's also a sign of your true commitment to the relationship and it's an admission that she's not at all the right fit for you.

3. Giving her your phone number.

This is the ultimate relationship hack. The move is part of the desperation dating ritual and works in two ways. It lets the girl know you're truly interested in her and not just "interested in her" because she's interested in you.

She’ll appreciate your interest, but she'll also know you have no plans to contact her. Alternatively, if you're trying to keep the romance alive, you’ll be sure to follow through on the next step.

4. Dating without touching. 

A very subtle way Kenyan men break the ice and this one can be done anytime, anywhere, any dating ritual. The two participants are seated in front of each other. The only communication involves exchanging the details of one’s breath. Mute and breathe.

5. Saying “hi” at least three times.

It’s a safe bet that there’s a Kenyan man who is guilty of this one. If there isn’t a stranger in the vicinity who could intercept the conversation, then we recommend he goes for a “hi” three times in a row.

6. Cheating.

Over the years, cheating has become so common that men have mastered the art of it. Women cheat too but cheating with a married man is not an issue. Weird right?

Do you have a dating ritual? If yes, share it with your fellow Kenyans in the comments section.

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