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The Best TimeTo KISS A Boy

Kissing a boy is not the hardest thing to do in the world. Guys can be tough and daring but deep down they are just little boys inside.

There is no perfect time that will come by and present itself for someone to walk to that particular guy and kiss them senselessly. Everything requires a little courage and willpower to do it.

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However, here are a few instances when to kiss a guy;

When he is Sad.

When he is feeling down a kiss might help to lighten the mood and cheer him up. Instead of asking him unending questions that have no answers, just kiss him and it will be alright.

When you are with him.

It is good to show love to your man. One of the many ways to do that is by leaning in and kissing him softly. Taking him by surprise will make him happy and assured him of your love for him.

When he is thinking.

Thoughts can weigh a person down. Whenever your guy is deep in thoughts and he doesn't seem to find answers to whatever he is thinking about, it is best to just give him a tight hug and a kiss to show that you are with him.

When his friends visit.

Most ladies are scared of their boyfriend's friends, so they tend to avoid interaction and intimacy with their boyfriends in the presence of their friends. This does not settle well with most men. Men would want to be shown love and attention especially in the presence of their friends. This move makes them happy.

The point that I am trying to pass across is that just kiss that guy and stop overthinking about it. You both need that kiss.

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