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Why You Should Date A Lady Who Is In A Relationship Than The One Who Is Single

Love is always unpredictable. Even when you are in a relationship you can fall for someone else and end up loving them more than you love your partner. This is why some people damp their relationship partners and move on with the new lover.

If you are planning to date, I will advise you to set your target on a lady who is already dating. Don't make her cheat with her boyfriend but make her like you and move to you with a decision that she is dating you alone.

This is easier because if you go for a single lady, there will be twenty guys who want her and you will have to compete with them to win her. For a dating lady you only have one opponent. Where would you rather go to? We live in modern times and we should act by its rules. If you get a lady and you like her, there is no need of wanting to know if she is dating or not. Try your luck and if she says yes make her yours.

We should sometimes address things the way they are in real life and this is one things that is absolutely true. This way cases of cheating will be lowered. Follow the page for more articles daily.

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