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How to Win the Key to Her Heart

Most people do not realize that too much of everything is poisonous. Just as our ancestors said it, you would rather put that at the back of your head when it comes to your significant other.


The best way to want her is actually by not wanting her. Do not get confused, trust your mind that this is the ultimate step you are ever going to take to be the shark and not the goopy. Being the shark actually means standing up for your own self as a real man. Always remember you gave out a rib so you have to be the man. Quit chasing her and she will be having you circulate round her mind all night like a rollercoaster.

As a man you should be doing your thing. Grinding to get the bag. Let her fit in your schedule. Let her know you can take care of yourself. If she sees this, she will trust you with the key to her heart.

With easened Covid-19 regulations, always remember you got the value of your life in your hands. Nice Sunday.

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