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7 Things Women Wish Men Knew

When men talk about what they find attractive in women this usually comes to physical appearance. But when women describe what they find attractive in men it often comes down to body language.

Body language that women like in men;

1. The way he walks

2. The way he holds a glass

3. The way he buttons his shirt can also attract women.

Some women say that they wished men knew certain things about them. There are some vital turn on that girls would appreciate if men knew about. This little gestures can drive women crazy. And the funny thing about this is that guys don't even realize that they are doing something that turns them on. Different pieces of research were conducted by various scientists from several countries. Overall, thousands of women wish men knew this about them;


There are a lot of men whose height is less than average, making women taller than them. Most women like a taller man, the difference in height should be greater than 7 or 8 inches. This is a huge turn on for women to find a man taller than them.


Research claims that men prefer women who use make-up moderately. The most interesting thing is that women don't really like to put on make up, but they think men like it, which is why they often do it.

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