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Husband and wife relationship

She Used To Send Me Compromising Photos As They Engaged In The Act With My Husband; Rosemary Narrate

Rosemary Wambui was heading home to deliver medicine to her grandmother when she met with her friend. She was living in Gatundu at that time and was in class eight .The friend was in Ituro Boy’s and was in form one . Her friend decided to take her grandmother’s home then they decided to go and visit the guys home. It got late and she decided to sleep at his house. That night she became pregnant. The following morning she went home and continued with her studies. She went to school until her pregnancy was eight months grown.

She stayed home for one then gave birth .Her father promised her that they would take care of the baby and she would not get pregnant again. She never went back to school. Her father built her a small business and she started working . She took care of her baby and provided everything. The father of her baby finished school and joined campus.

Her father died and her grandmother sent them away from their land. She then started dating a guy who was in the Army. He set up a small business for her. Her business was paying well and life was good. She later discovered that the guy had a wife and children and she decided to stop the relationship.

She then got married to a Meru man and they blessed with another child. Their marriage lasted for three years and at the time his first born son was in form one . She decided to go back to her mother with her two kids.

When her son was in form four his father returned and he repented , she had humanity in her self and they decided to stay together. The guy had nothing and he decided to move to her house. They worked together but the guy happened to be a alcoholic . He went home and they sometimes fought with his wife. They decided to move to the husband’s parents and they built a house.

She hoped for a good marriage but her husband started cheating on her . And as if the pain of infidelity was not enough, her husband’s mistress would send her compromising photos as they engaged in the act. She decided to report them in the police station and the mistress was arrested. Her husband knew everything but he never cared about them. The mistress was released and they continued dating for about an year. Her husband was later fired and the mistress threw him out. He went back home and Rosemary decided to support him for almost an year and a half, at that he had stopped drinking . She never gave up although she had passed so many troubles.

They stayed in peace for about three years then decided to have their third born. He later found another job then started cheating again and the pain was to much to handle. She cried every night and asked God for a way forward.

She stayed with her child for six months and decided to employ a house girl. She worked well but her husband started sleeping with her . She decided to employ another one but one day she found her in the act with her husband, she fired her and decided to do away with the girls. She started taking her child to a day care .

One day as she was coming from work, she found her husband drinking in the house. She entered the kitchen and prepared super and served the family. Her husband refused and said she could poison him. All that time he was talking to another girl on the phone. She went prepared her two young kids and they slept. At night at around one she was awoken up by kid who was crying, she went and found his husband ready to stab her third born. She begged him not to kill and he started crying saying he was feeling like killing someone. She took the knife run to the police station and reported.

On coming back he had closed all the doors but later opened and by the time the police were coming he had run away. He was later called in the police station and was told to pay for his children school fees. She later moved to Juja and kept a job. She became sick and was left with nothing. Life was tough because her husband even did not care about them. She went back to her mother who want them out of her compound because she have nothing to offer them. She says “I am only waiting for God because this life is so difficult for her.” She has really lost hope in her self though they have never slept hungry. She hopes that someone will go for her rescue.

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Army Gatundu Rosemary Narrate Rosemary Wambui


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