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Body languages that show a woman is romantically attracted to you

Women portray certain and unique body languages whenever they are romantically attracted towards someone. Watch out for any of these:

1. Touching you.

If a women if romantically attracted to you, she will keep her hands on you all the time. She will keep touching you without any reason. This is because she likes it it and she wants more.

2. Long eye contact.

Women keep eye contact with a man they like. If you notice that a women is keeping unusual long eye contact with you, then she is romantically attracted to you.

3. Feets pointed towards each other.

Look at her feel whenever she is standing or sited next to you. The direction they are pointed to can tell you about the kind of relationship you have with her. If they are pointed at you then she is romantically attracted to you.

4. Close to you.

Women are drawn closer to the men they are attracted to. She will move closer to you because she really wants to be closer to you.

5. Head tilth when talking.

If you notice that a woman tilts her head a bit when talking to you, then chances are she is romantically attracted to you. This is happens subconsciously with the person you like.

6. Public display.

She wants you to hold hand on the public. She does not care about other people because you are the one she is romantically attracted to.

7. Trying to make you laugh.

Women want to see their man happy all the time. She will do things that are more likely to make you laugh at times.

8. Smiles at you.

A woman will smile a lot towards a man she is attracted to. She does this because she feels happy when around him all the time.

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