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Things that are more important than love in a relationship.

Effective communication is important when you want to grow your relationship. Expressing your feelings to your partner will help them know exactly what you want and not giving hints that will be hard to interpret. For you to have effective communication you also have to be a good listener. Being able to sit down and listen to what your partner is saying without interruption.

Understanding your partner's love language. Everyone has something that they treasure most and make them happy whether its receiving gifts going out or complementing them. Identifying what makes your partner feel loved and constantly doing it will make your relationship flourish.

Trust. there has to be a level of trust between you and your partner . If you are always feeling uneasy when your partner is hanging out with his friends and you are constantly checking to see what he is doing then you don't trust them. A relationship where you are constantly checking your partner can never survive as trust is key when you are building a strong long lasting relationship.

financial stability. At the beginning of the relationship people don't always talk about finances when they are getting into a relationship. But money talk is as important as love you have to have clear laid rules on how to spend your income and if your partner is always misusing money getting in debt , then you should adress the issue otherwise you will be constantly fighting over money.

respect is also important in relationship. Mutual respect for both partners and other friends and family within your small circle is important. Relationships where partner disrespect each other either by being verbally abusive towards your partner will hardly last long.

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