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What You Should Know About Long Distance Relationships

1. You will be jealous. This is normal. However, if you let your jealousy to kill your relationship, it means that you never loved him enough.

2. Communication is key to happy relationship. It is very important when two people are far away from each other, so use it wisely.

3. If your relationship can survive distance, it will survive anything. You will develop deep bonds that will keep you together no matter what happens.

4. There will be things that will remind you of them. For instance it could be a song you used to listen together.

5. Commitment is essential. You will have to respect your partner if you want them to respect you.

6. Your phone will be your best friend. Video calls and messaging are probably something you will do every day.

7. People would not take your relationship seriously. Most people do not believe that couples can be faithful to each other when they are not together.

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