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Opinion: What Brides Do To Avoid Taking Bathroom Breaks On Their Wedding Day

After waiting to walk down the aisle and to celebrate the best day of their lives, taking breaks to pee is the least of concerns for brides. But it does become a necessity that one must take that bathroom break to relieve themselves. To avoid taking bathroom breaks and leaving their guests asking questions, brides can do nearly everything possible to not take a quick bathroom visit. Here are things brides do or don't do, eat or not eat on their wedding day:


Brides eat eggs either fried or an omelette. Eggs will fuel up the body and you will be full of energy to dance throughout the day and won't need to take a bathroom break.


These are to be avoided as much as possible. Carbonated drinks makes the belly feel bloated and may lead to frequent necessity to take a bathroom break for a pee.


Although some people might think that drinking any form of liquid on that particular day is not advisable, the bride needs to stay hydrated. Milk is a good option to stay hydrated and look healthy all day long. But the quantity of the milk should be at minimal.


Though it is totally not advisable, brides do take up medication meant for diarrhoea patients to hold it together all day wrong. It's not the best option.


With a wide range of diapers sizes available for adults, one might find it necessary to just put on diaper Incase things got really speedy in terms of bathroom visits.

6. Some brides don't find any harm in visiting the bathroom for a quick relieve. When nature calls they answer it. But with this, the trouble comes if the wedding gown is not bathroom friendly and one has to be accompanied by the bridesmaid to help with the gown.

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