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7 Advantages Of Loneliness

BY Consolata Lukayu

Almost everyone feels lonely at some point.This include people who seem to be popular.Because in most cases,it doesn't matter how many friends a person has.Here are the good aspects of loneliness.

1•You can make your own damn house rules_Living alone means you can be master of your zen at all times.lf you want calm and quiet, you can have it.lf you want to have an impromptus solo dance party in your kitchen to salt and pepper,no problem.

If you want to just sit and read your book with your dogs curled up at your feet, you will.Living a lone to your means you have the freedom to cultivate a home environment that nourishes your soul.

2• You will have time to take more care of yourself

_You don't have to worry about finding time for someone else in the midst of thousands of tasks.lnstead you just have time to think about yourself.This extra time for yourself can be very useful for you.You have time for yourself, for your studies, for your career and of course to build a better future for yourself.

3• You become more self-reliant

When you are alone, that is, not involved in any relationship, yourself confidence in creases relatively much.You realize your own mental Strength, intelligence and achievement.As a result, you become much more confident and mentally stronger than before.

4•You learn to fight loneliness and solitude_When you are not in a love affair, you will learn from the time you spend with yourself how to spend these lonely times.Even if it is a little difficult at first, after a while you will learn how to have a great time with yourself.

5• You can decide what you want to get next with no one rushing into a relationship at any time, you can make an understanding with yourself about what kind of partner you want to get in a new relationship how to build the relationship with will be of great benefit to your next relationship.

6• There's a lot of surplus time in life a lone . Being alone means life is not without love.You can spend that love on social work.Whether female or male,there is a lot of surplus time available in life alone.And that time can be put to good use to enrich life.For example, the practice of a particular hobby or social work.

7•Loneliness never betrays_ Someone says negligence due to busyness.lf you see someone cheating on you or cheating on love you can end your beautiful life.Better a poor horse than no horse at all.Because loneliness never betrays ! Thanks.

Content created and supplied by: Consylukayu (via Opera News )


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