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Telltale Signs A Lady Will Show When She Wants To End The Relationship

A romantic relationship between two partners may sometimes feel unsatisfying for the lady. The unsatisfactoriness could stem from the man or any other external factors. This then entails that the lady will start scheming how to walk out of the relationship with or without the man's knowledge. Her actions in relation to walking out of the relationship could be outwardly open or clandestine to the man.

Reading of the telltale signs of her ending the relationship earlier enough and interprating them rightly is vital for the man as it may help him arrest the situation on time or prepare psychologically to accept the walk out.

If her actions are clandestine and you aren't able to read them, then this article is meant for you. Let's read further as I lay bare some of her behaviours when she wants to end the relationship.

She suddenly becomes ungrateful

She suddenly ceases being appreciative of the actions you do the her. You'll realize that such same actions, when you did to her earlier she used to be elated about them.

At worst, she graduates to condemning and hating anything you do to her or any move you make. In this case, she becomes pessimistic and anything you do to her whether good or bad is interpreted as bad.

She begins to physically and emotionally distance herself from you

Going by this, she starts to avoid being together with you physically. Emotionally her thoughts of you begin to fade. For example, if from the beginning you used to go out together with her to the cinema, shopping, strolling or simply adventuring she'll begin to cut off that. Emotionally, the things you thought of and planned to do together won't be a priority for her anymore. She'll be simply reading from a different page with you.

She doesn't hold any arguments with you.

Arguing with you is a sure sign that she still wants to settle things out with you so that the relationship may continue. If she doesn't bother when you argue at her, it means she's reached the brink of the relationship, she doesn't want to right any wrong and only sees walking out of the relationship as an option.

Again it's really abnormal if you two don't argue at any time within the relationship. If it so happens, it means there's a very big problem in your relationship.

She doesn't share her life experiences with you

If she suddenly stops sharing her life experiences and expectations with you, it means she's almost leaving since she's got no more business to do with you.This is also indicative that you're not part of her life and she's not seeing you as part of her future plans.

She becomes non caring

This is evident when she suddenly doesn't care about your well-being. She doesn't care whether you return home late or not. She doesn't call you anymore to check on you. Again if you told her of something critical you're going through, she won't care to periodically check how you're fairing.

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