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How To Keep Your LoveNew Everyday

Nothing is good in this world than having the right person as your lover. When you first gave her a date and she accepted you appreciated and proposed to her, married each other happily and started enjoying the presence of each other but over time you may find difficult proving a point on the love and respect you have for your partner

However romance actions may keep the fire burning and your love be like new everyday, over just few activities done together as partners in either private or public places

Here are Ten romantic activities that keep our love new and going

1. Always have time to cook for her the best meal she enjoys most

2.Congragulate her on the achievement she attained

3 Always hug her, provide a leaning surface for her when she is weary

4. Support her financially, spiritually and physically

5. Kiss her on the forehead always of she comes comes near you.

6.Take her out in public and take photos together.

7. Defend her Incase of any attack or be on her side Incase of any issue

8. Dance together with her if she feels while in you room.

9 Satisfy her in bedroom.

10. Tell her your favorite clothes that you like seeing her putting on

By doing so our partners are carried and become happy making the love of the house to be new always

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