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Reasons Why he has not proposed to you despite the fact that you have been dating for so long

Very few ladies can muster the courage to propose to their boyfriend however deep in love she may be, this is because proposing is mainly considered a mans duty. It might be considered clingy and awkward when a lady decides to go on her knee, that's why most of them prefer to wait for their boyfriends instead of taking action into their own hands. You may have dated your current boyfriend for a long time and you are expecting that by now he might have shown interest by placing the engagement ring, but this hasn't happened, these might be the reasons why;

1. You might be his side chick

Most men are fond of playing ladies and you might be a victim. He might be with you physically but his heart is somewhere else. As a lady, you should find out if a man is in another relationship before starting a serious relationship with him.

2. He might be married already.

Some ladies have dated married men for so long without knowing, only to realize later that the man is married and has kids. If rarely Ir doesn't invite you to his house, then you should start asking yourself many questions. He might be keeping his family, away from you.

3. Maybe he is not ready

Most men take time before they decide to settle, they might be aiming at certain financial stability or a certain age before they commit to a serious relationship. All you have to do as a lady when you find yourself in this situation is be patient and assist him in building what he wants to accomplish before he commits.

4. He might still be waiting for the right partner.

Most men have a certain quality they are looking for from ladies, if you don't have these qualities, he will dump you and move to another relationship.

5. Some external forces trying to persuade him otherwise.

Most men seek advice from various sources before making decisions. He will ask his friends and family members to give an honest opinion of you in your absence, these opinions will influence his decision to a certain extent. What's your honest opinion of this article?

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