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THE PLAY BOOK; How to get her attention and win effortlessly

As you have read the tittle, am going to tell you how you can get her attention and even win her. Nowadays its hard to get a girl attention because most of them have set standards that we men think we can attain. Most of us think that without money we can get love, which is really wrong. We can find love naturally, all we need is to play our game well and smart.

Many people say that true love don't exist but believe me, it does. It's just that we look for it in wrong places. Another reason is that we are often controlled by our emotions, so we end up acting on impulse instead of studying the situation.

1. Get her attention

You can't flirt with a girl if you don't have her attention. Some of us are afraid because maybe we are not good with words which really complicates our approach. But their is one technic that works for everyone regardless if you are afraid or not. All you got to do is try to get close to one of her friends. If you are successful, always ask her friend things about her. Things like, where does she live, which course does she do, but avoid asking if she's single or not. If that doesn't work, you have one arrow left, stalk her but not in a creepy way. Find excuses to sit close to her, to talk to her but you have to be creative about it.

2. Make her you friend.

When i say make her your friend, i mean earn her trust. Most of use want to go straight to the point because we don't want to invest our time in the process. For you to get fruits of something, you have to invest in it. You can just wait for fruits and you didn't plant. Get close to her, Now everything about her, show concern even in the least things. Naturally, ladies just want attention, and by asking her how her day was, you already took her attention and you have to make good use of it.

Make her feel safe around you and for you to archive that, you'll have to always complement her. Open up to her tell her some of your secrets but be careful when doing this, you should be selective. This will show that you trust her and she will open up to you. When making her your friend make sure you don't address her as you sister cause this is a common mistake we do. Make sure that you don't become best friend because that complicates things after.

3. Learn how to give hugs.

People under estimate hugs because, people give them oftenly. But trust me when i say that hugs do hit different if you get to know to use them properly. There are four types of hugs, I missed you hug, I'll miss you hug, greetings hug and consoling hug. I missed you hug is one that will help you get to tell her how much you want her. This is how its done; hug her and make it tight and try to burry her in your chest. When she's there whisper that you missed her. The more you do that and you show her how much she's important to to you. The sooner you'll get her.

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