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5 Reasons Why People Stay In Unhappy Relationships

1.Relationship failure is embarrassing.

After publicizing a relationship in social media and even after years of togetherness , ending a relationship can be seen embarrassing.These makes it easier and preferable for some people to remain unhpappy in a bad relationship rather than to walk out.

2.We don't know how to emotionally be independent.

In today's society when we are feeling down we can easily put our frustrations on social media and receive a bunch of good wishes and encouraging words.This has kept many people from developing emotional independence.They don't know how to separate their happiness from others.

3.The unwillingness to hurt the other person.

Their is a false belief that every breakup has to have a bad guy.This has made many people to stay in unsatisfying relationship since no one has done anything bad.Few people realise that by remaining in unhonest relationship causes more harm to the other than they would if they were honest and ended the relationship.

4.Believing that it will get better.

Both men and women choose to stay in unsatisfying relationship consulting themselves that things will improve someday.It is true that things can always get better with time but it will be unlikely to improve especially if the improvement comes from the cost of one partner changing who they are.

5.Staying together for the kids.

Couples would always consider the well being of their kids .But it can also be misguided whether the kids are comfortable with their parents getting divorced or parents who are together but unhappy.Conflict free but emotionally void marripages are not ideal environment for them either.

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