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Maria: Sandra's life is in danger

While in prison,Sandra has been in a room alone but one of the wardens bring in two more women and locks them in there. The new prisoners sandwiches Sandra and she gets scared. She starts begging them to leave her alone but they could not listen.

Maggie and her mother in the meanwhile are just laughing at her and asking her to show her skills which she has been boasting about. Maggie asks them to teach Sandra a lesson. Sandra manages to stand up and pulls out a knife threatening to stab whoever comes closer to her.

While still holding the knife,she starts coughing and Maggie's mother asks her if she wants to die,she teases her that she can die if she wants to. All over sudden Sandra coughs uncontrollably and falls down. Maggie says that she might die in there. She coughs out blood helplessly and the rest starts crying out for help from the police.

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Maggie Sandra


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