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7 Simple Reasons why Men avoid ideal Women

They are self sufficient

Today, women have been made or brought up to be strong and confident, the do not need any kind of protection especially from a man. That is why you may find most smart beautiful girls are still waiting for that one true loving person with the traits they want. Most people believe that such women are not supposed to be single or such situation but they also do

They can’t afford to waste time

They make their decisions very quickly, they will not waste their time trying to make a person understand them, and if a guy does not look like a husband material then that’s the end. Dating should lead you to somewhere and if nothing is progressing then it’s just a waste of time. You may find girls in their 30s who have been married severally and even have kids but there are also those who are still single since they cannot give a green light to the first date

Most of them aren’t ready to be a wife

When chatting or even talking, such women absorbs a lot of information, for instance a guy might tell a woman that he is looking for a person who will take care of him, take care of things around the house and may be go out. Some women are just not ready for all of this yet and that is how you they stay away from such people

They are too focused on being alone

If on the first date a girl starts talking about marriage, showing what kind of wedding dress she would like, planning her honeymoon mentally and even tries to impress the guy with her honesty, this date might be the last one for them. This scares men because this type of girls are too focused on their loneliness, they are trying too hard which makes them look disparate

It is just fear

After turning several men away, a girl may begin to think that she will know the right person when she immediately sees him. In reality, it doesn’t work like that because relationships are made up of trial and error method, women shouldn’t be afraid.

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