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5 Signs that your ex girlfriend wants you back

1.She will talk to your friends

She will contact your close friends to ask them how you are going on and even ask them to pass you her greetings.When she does this,it is a clear sign that she misses you.

2.She will keep in touch with your family

She will continue conversing with your family members and friends after you break up.In doing this,she will be hoping your friends to talk to you to reunite with her.

3.She flirts with you

She can choose to send you flirty messages,this shows that she misses you.She can even compliment you on your good looking clothes.

4.She will talk about you with everyone

She can keep on making you the subject of the discussion with her friends.She will find herself explaining the great moments you spend together to everyone.

5.She will get jealous

She will be jealous especially when she notices you talking to other girls.Whe she realizes that you moved on,she can text you angrily,explaining how you wronged her in the past.

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