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Smart love is the way to a healthy relationship

It has come to my attention that youths are suffering in the name of love. It's high time we change the narrative and save our youth from this harmful love norm which must be stopped for the betterment of our society and future generations.

Youths engage in love relationships because of there emotional and financial benefits. Majority of men approach women with one objective of just sleeping with them. In the other hand majority of women look for financial benefits from men, this makes men use the 'financial benefit' as a weapon to attack women so as to win them.

Changing this culture is very different as it is seen as a normal thing. It will take self control and personal choice for one to embrace smart love. Smart love is where by a woman and a man engage in a relationship which is based on God's desired way of life. Here the relationships is built in a strong foundation which should led to marriage.

A relationship which is built under smart love is one that the man and the woman are ready to commit to each other, support each other emotionally, physically and financially. Here the man looks for internal beauty of a woman, how she responds to stress, conflict, hate and many other qualities. The external beauty of a woman is also important but what am trying to say is that men should not put more focus on it and forget the internal beauty. The beauty is going to age with time but if a woman has a good heart that is going last forever. In the other hand the woman should look for a man who is mature in the sense that he is ready to commit to one woman, a man who is hardworking not necessarily "financial stable", a man who has good future plans, a man who is responsible and many other qualities that the woman wants in a man.

Intimacy is not a priority in smart love. It will came after the two people are ready to commit to each other for marriage. This is because intimacy is a gift from God for people who are committed to each other for marriage.

Youths should make a choice to practice smart love as it is the best love and also it has blessings from God.

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