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Divorce Affair

Why Ann Waiguru And Her Husband Live In Different Homes, Love Affair That Cost Her First Marriage

Kirinyaga Governor Anne Mumbi Waiguru has for the first time revealed secret details about her 11-year relationship with second husband and lawyer Kamotho Waiganjo.

Speaking during an interview with the Nation, Waiguru discolsed that she enjoys the marriage with her husband despite the fact that they live in separate homes.

The mother of three stays in Kihingo village, Kitisuru while Waiganjo stays in Runda.

Why they stay in different homes

According to Waiguru, logistics of politics, security, and safety concerns have been the main reason they don't live together.

"Actually the reason we run two homes is the logistics of combining. Every time we start, it is too much work. Think about it, you choose the furniture, let's start with the living room, whose stays and whose goes? I am attached to silly things and he is attached to his stuff," stated Waiguru.

"Then choose a house. You know this can't be his house as according to Kikuyu culture, to African culture, he cannot move to my house. But if you think about my political life, this place is very secure," she added.

According to her, her husband feels much safer when she is in Kitisuru as opposed to Runda. 

"Even when he travels he feels safer when I am here than when I am in Runda," she stated.

The governor disputed claims that the marriage steadied her political grounds, pointing out that Waiganjo has always been a pillar in her life for more than a decade before their relationship came into the limelight.

She also detailed that in order to balance her private and work life, she devoted her time to politics during the week and reserved the weekends for her family.

"Sundays are exclusively mine and Kamotho's. Even the children know that. Saturdays are for the whole family, but Sundays are ours," she explained.

Marriage to first husband

During the 2017 general elections, Ann Waiguru was elected Governor of Kirinyaga County, making her one of only three women governors in Kenya.

Few however know that Waiguru is not her father’s name. It is the name Anne Mumbi assumed when she got married to the first love of her life: Tony.

According to interviews with people who were close to the couple, they paint a picture of a social, easy-going man who deeply loved his wife.

“Tony used to think the world started and ended with Anne. He loved her to bits, and wanted everyone to know she is his wife. He usually was and is still very proud of the achievements of the mother of his children,” says a friend.

A source intimates that even though Tony’s law firm was thriving and doing brisk business, Anne still bought him a BMW X5 as a gift a few years back, a sign that the two have long buried the torment and bitterness that accompanies most bitter divorces.

“She even bought him a townhouse in Kiambu and at one point, refurbished his entire office. It’s not that Tony can’t afford it, but they are friends and she likes gifting him things,” added the source.

How they met

Tony and Anne met in the mid-90s at the Nairobi Lighthouse Church, where both worshipped.

Anne grew up in Kariobangi North in Nairobi’s Eastlands with her family, before joining Precious Blood High School, and finally Egerton University. Tony, on the other hand, had led a privileged life from birth. His father was a loaded MP from Murang’a. Tony studied law in India.

“Tony’s family is pretty well-off, but they don’t show off. All of them are staunch Christians who serve in the church,” says our source, who has known the family for decades.

Both Anne and Tony were virtuous and humble; the perfect saved couple who strongly believed in their faith. They didn’t party at nightclubs and were teetotalers.

“Anne met Tony and it was love at first sight. Everybody was really jealous of him. He had the most beautiful girlfriend in town. She was humble, very intelligent and extremely beautiful. She even had a gap between her front teeth,” revealed our source. “Everybody thought Tony was a lucky man to have married such a beauty.”

Back then, just like today, Anne was assertive.

 “At one point, Anne wasn’t happy with some issues at Nairobi Lighthouse Church, where her husband’s brother was a pastor. She raised it and when they couldn’t agree, she quit the church and started going to Karura Community Church, which was then a project of Nairobi Chapel,” revealed a close friend.

Meeting Waiganjo

It was at Karura Community Church that Anne first met city lawyer Kamotho Waiganjo, who was a member of the church’s Elders Court.

As Anne rose through the ranks, cracks in their marriage began. Close friends say between 2003 and 2004 when Anne worked for economist Dr David Ndii’s Kenya Leadership Institute in Nairobi, the strain in their marriage was palpable.

 “Waiguru was an ambitious and hard worker. Tony was laid back and wasn’t the type of man to engage in the cutthroat world of clambering up career ladders. He had money, he was comfortable and didn’t see the need to strain. On the other hand, his wife Anne was extremely ambitious and nothing could stand in her way.

 “She got her work done so well, never let any hurdles stop her, straining to deliver at work, and still be in the lives of her three children. She would go home early, do all the wifely duties, put the children to bed, then get back to work until midnight. “At five in the morning, she would be up again. Anne was unstoppable,” a source added.

Love Affair

Sources say the two were having serious personal differences which could not allow the marriage to continue. She was accused of infidelity by her humble husband now running a church in Kiambu County.

By then, she is said to have been in love with former permanent secretary foreign affairs in Mwai Kibaki’s government Thuita Mwangi. Mwangi would organise foreign trips for her for their own good time abroad.

Her husband complained she could not notify him whether she would be away or not only to learn she was out of the country. To complicate matters were allegations that she would arrive home late but dead drunk.

The marriage had hit the rocks to an extent that the two were staying in separate rooms. It is said the husband demanded for a divorce.

Broken Marriage

By the time she was seconded to the World Bank, the marriage had broken down and Tony, whose office was at Queensway building in Nairobi, had stopped going to work.

He moved out of their Runda home and went to live in the servants’ quarters of his twin brother’s house in Ngumo estate.

“Anne was battling her divorce, the weight of parenting without her husband and the extreme pressures of her job. It was a miracle she didn’t break down. She started focusing all her energy on three things: Her children, her work and the church.

“Meanwhile, it took Tony about six months to shake off the divorce and re-establish his law firm. The divorce was very acrimonious and the two weren’t on talking terms,” the source revealed.

Moving on

But when Anne was elevated to Cabinet secretary for Devolution, the two met and ironed out their differences.

Together, Tony and Anne sired three boys – Ian, Dan, and Wabu. Tony has a law firm and also owns a church in Kiambu and lives a quiet life.

The two have since moved on and married different partners. Currently, the County boss is married to city lawyer, Kamotho Waiganjo. The duo tied a knot in a traditional Kikuyu wedding held at Kiamugumo Primary School in Gichugu.

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