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Principles of Long Lasting Relationship

True love is to have unwavering and unbreakable connection with your patner in your physical and mental processes. True love must be equal in that one does not need to control the other. True love should have respect to your partners boundaries and goals. For you to make your love or relationship long lasting please do the following:

(1) Be Honest

It's significant that there is no great legacy than honesty. To be honest you must seek to speak truth to your partner at all times. Truth never betrays you when your relationship becomes shaky accept it at all cost even if it will sound shameful. Remove the communication barriers in your relationship and and seek the other which can works well for you and your partner.

(2) Trust Your patner

Have a confidence in your partner and your relationship and also act in a way that your partner will trust you. Check your personal trust and be open to share secrets. Expose the barriers that can hinder your relationship and accept the correction when you are corrected. Don't exercise over control on your partner as he or she too have boundaries.

(3) Respect your Partner

Abide by your agreement with your partner and avoid doing awkward things which can anger him or her. Regard her or him highly as your true friend and be there to fight for him or her always when in difficult situation. Even if other people criticize your partner, support him or her and be active on his side promise to enter life or death treat with your lover.

(4) Be understanding.

Try to put yourself in the shoe of your partner and understand them in all spheres. To ensure mutual happiness, it's better to understand each other with no condemnation at all cost. Be forgiving when your partner wrongs you.

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