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How to make a man respect you

1.Show him your smarts

By taking a step back and thinking more logically, however you will find ways to earn respect that work for you.Prove your intelligence by having opinions and not being afraid to back them up.

2.Take control

Some men still think that women are not as capable as they are.Rather than waiting around and watching them judge you,be proactive and decide to show them just how capable you are.

3.Respect yourself first

Respect is mutual.That doesn't just mean that you and the other person have to respect each other ,it means that you need to project it to receive it.The more you respect yourself,the more other people will realize that you are deserving of their respect too.

4.Learn how to handle him

It is important to stand up for yourself when it comes to getting respect from others.Show that you are not afraid to have on opinion,and that you are confident enough in yourself to back that up.

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