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How to Make a Man Commit Only to You – Do These 3 Things And He Will Never Leave you

Marriage in our world today needs serious care so as to maintain the good relationship between partners. At times it becomes difficult for one party in marriage to cope with the other one's behavior and this can escalate things to become sore between them this leading to serious disagreement.

Women face the hardest task to keep their men with whom they love very much committed to them.

The task is not easy having in mind that it can be frustrating every time a man keeps on giving excuses on why he is failing to commit to you.

Most of the men will have some reasons that might be hindering them from the serious commitment to you as a woman.

But here are some ways in which a woman can make her man commit to her.

1.Be the person he was initially attracted to

When you feel that your man isn't having the same feeling as it was when you met him ,it may mean that you have changed something from the time you met, so try to be the same person you were before because He started going out with you for a reason.

you will need to avoid making physical self-improvement as you try to attract your partner.This will go a long way in helping you to get the attention of your partner

2.Take time away from him to make him commit

Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you need to spend every minute together. Men tend to like women who give them space as they feel you share the same values of love and freedom as them.

Don’t Be An Open Book

By not being able to read you like an open book, he will desire you more and want to find out all there is to know about you.Learn how to hold back and only share information about yourself in pieces. If you want to put pressure on him to commit, never over-share anything. He will realize that in order to peel back all the layers and get to know the real you, he will need to take another step and ask to be exclusive.

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