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Dating Romantic

What ladies need to know about men

1, His desire to sleep with you doesn't necessarily mean he wants to be with you. 

There's nothing wrong with a man wanting you sexually - in fact, it's a prerequisite for dating! However, if you are indeed looking for a commitment, give him the opportunity to show you with his actions that he's looking for the same. 

This is normally going to require you to put sex off for a while, even if you badly want to sleep with him as well. This is not about playing games or a sexist double standard - it's about being honest with yourself about what you can handle emotionally.

2, Men communicate with actions more than with words. 

This works to both establish his interest in you and also to show his lack of interest in you. If he says "I'd love to see you again" and he means it, he will make concrete plans to see you again. If he says he'll call you this weekend, and he doesn't - it doesn't matter that he told you he'd love to see you. His actions are the communication to pay the most attention to. 

Don't turn a blind eye to a man's actions towards you, ever - that's where he's communicating most authentically.

3, Men are romantic, in their way. 

Men primarily express romance as thoughtfulness - he might not bring you flowers, but he does make a reservation at that new restaurant you mentioned you wanted to try. Or he brings you coffee filters when he comes over because you mentioned you forgot to pick some up at the store. Be mindful of the ways men are expressing their romantic side to you, and express your romantic side as well! With the right man, you'll create a cycle of appreciation and romance. 

Men fear rejection. When it comes to dating it is easy for a moment to think the possibility of being rejected is something men are used to. That's wrong, getting turned down romantically is a painful blow to male ego. The more selective they are about who they put themselves out there with, the more rejection sting when it happens.

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