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Different ways of decorating wedding ceremony.

Aisle marker decoration

Aisle markers are an easy way to spruce up your otherwise average seating. These wedding decorations do exactly as their name says: mark each aisle (or row) of seats. If you’re looking for fun alternatives, there are a few visual pleasing ideas to think about. Adding modestly sized floral arrangements, lanterns, homemade ornaments, pew bows and/or candles are tried and true options.

Aisle runner decoration

Your Aisle will mark your path to the altar. While it’s typically made from a simple stretch of fabric, it’s easy to give it more personality. Many couples opt to add a design out of petals or printed to make it unique to their wedding. Of course, you can always play around with different types of fabrics, rugs or flooring.

Altar decoration

Altar decorations are looking a little lacklustre, add a few arrangements to give it that extra oomph. These are typically larger floral arrangements placed on either side of the altar, but feel free to play around with other wedding decorations, like paper lanterns, lighting, balloons, ribbons and greenery. Just remember to make them suit the theme of your wedding!

Column decoration

Columns can be used to hold your altar arrangements, as aisle markers or as general decor around your ceremony venue. They’ll help give your wedding a touch of old world charm, making them perfect for historic home and museum venues. Note: juxtaposing them against more rustic backdrops also looks amazing!

Chair decoration

Dressing up ceremony can have a big impact. Talk to your venue coordinator, decor rental company, florist or wedding designer about available options for taking ordinary banquet chairs from drab to fab.

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