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Reasons Why You Regret Losing Your Partner

Regret comes when you realize how important the person you took for advantage was. That's when you wish you treated them better.

Despite the fact you always hurt them they never hurt you back

The fact that you kept hurting them over and over again again but they didn't think of hurting you back ,not because they did not want to but because they truly loved you. Despite all the wickedness you showed them they still chose to respect you. At the end of the day they had to chose their happiness over yours and that's why they walked away.

Their intentions were genuine

They came to you with pure intentions. They loved you for who you were and not what you are. Their love towards you was genuine but you still chose to broke their heart. You took his/her love for advantage. The only reason you are regretting is because you can't find someone with pure intentions like they did.

They were supportive

If your partner was always supportive to you and you broke their hearts you always end up regretting. If they were helpful during your tough times that only proves how kind they were to you. They truly loved you if they were willing to go through your struggles together.

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