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8 Romantic Signs That a Woman is Seducing You But You do not Know

It is normally good to know how the women around you are feeling for you. This will help you decide accordingly. These are ways women use to acquire love from a man they are interested in.

1. She holds you hand.

When you are walking together or just relaxing and you notice that she accidentally touches your hands, then she really needs you in her life. She might apologize to it claiming that she did it by mistake but that is not the case.

2. They look at you with smiles.

A woman does not put on a smiling face on everybody. They do so on the person they are impressed with. Check her smiles on you and if she is doing it most of the time then she wants to win your heart.

3. She puts on attractive clothes.

A woman's love is always genuine and when they love a man, they don't inform him directly. She will try to put on attires that are sure they will impress a man. If she is doing this always, then my guy you are in her mind.

4. She will call you in her place.

When she is staying alone, she will start inviting you for lunch or dinner in her house. She suggests to you that you should know where she lives and it looks like. If this is happening to you, then know that she is sending a romantic signal to you.

5. She blows softly in your ear.

Sometimes women fear to talk to you just inform you how they have loved you. Sometimes you will notice that she jokingly plays with your ears by blowing in them softly. This makes any man's heart melt with love. By doing this she guaranteed that you will feel what she is going through.

6. They talk about their plan.

Women are normally very secretive and they will not disclose what they want to do. But when she is free and feels happy to share her future plans with you, then be aware that she wants you to be part of it too.

7. She texts you alot.

Communication is another way that can easily show a woman's feeling. When she is sending you love texts all the time and talk about bed romance, then wants to enjoy he life with you. Open up your mind and share your decision with her.

8. When she kisses your forehead.

In case where she uses all the means to win you and you don't connect the dots, then she will introduce in kissing at your forehead. This is a very clear indication and you don't need to take two to five days for you to understand what is going on.

Do you agree with this? Let me hear from you too. Share widely to educate other people too.

Content created and supplied by: @Kennedy_Ayekha (via Opera News )


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