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Husband and wife relationship

She Spiked His Drink While In A Club, But They Ended Up Being Husband And Wife

A story of one of the top Kikuyu secular Mugithi musician, Sammy Ras has caused an online uproar after he narrated the hilarious story sorrounding how he met his marriage partner.


Narrating his story to investigate freelance journalist Ala-C, Sammy Ras narrated how he went to one of the fun joints to take alcohol. In the process, a lady came and started making efforts so as to get Sammy's attention.

The more he ignored the lady the more she insisted on getting him. A time came when Sammy felt the urge to answer a nature call. He therefore left his beer unattended on the table where the lady was seated waiting for an opportunity.

After easing himself, Sammy came and found that his drink had changed the taste but he did not stop taking it. He later passed out only to wake up beside the lady who had spiked his drink so as to get him. After the incident, they became good friends and ended up tying the knot as husband and wife in a union that lasts to-date.


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