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Ways To Say 'I Love You 'To Your Woman

There are ways to say 'I love you' to your woman.Here are ways to say 'I love you' to your woman.

1.Tell her that you really miss her.When you have meet her, tell her that when she was not around, you really missed her.

2.Tell her that you respect her most that she knows.Explain to her that you respect her most than anyone else and you respect her work than she thinks.

3.Tell her that she looks smart than anyone else.When she is around you, tell her that she looks very smart than anyone else.

4.Tell her that being with her is like a dream.Tell her that when you meet her it was like a dream.

5.Tell her that meeting her was the best that ever happened to you.Say to her that nothing best has ever happened to you in yourself other than meeting her.

6.Call her sweet names that makes her feel happy.Call her sweet names like sweet, honey and other names to express love to her.

7.Introduce her to your friends and family.Introduce her to your family member and friends to know her well.

8.Be ready to help her whenever she has a problem and when she is sick.Respond immediately when she is sick and when she has a problem.

9.Say to her that she is always in your mind.Tell her that you always think about her when she is not around.

10.Tell her that everything about het turns your mind.Tell her that anything she say turns on your mind.

11.Buy gifts and take to her when she has special parties like birthday party.When she has parties, buy her gifts and take to her.Gift includes a flower.

12.Carry her to make her feel very loved.When you have meet her, carry her and she will see that you love her.

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