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Bound Together Forever. See the Tragic Sad Story of Indian Twins Who Succumbed to COVID Hours Apart

One of the most amazing thing about human creation is the issue of twin, identical twins. It is always said that identical twins are so similar in almost everything that they can literally feel what each other is feeling. There are rare cases where twins come to the world together and exit together just as they came. This is a story of one of those rare cases.

India is mourning the demise of twin brothers Joefred and Ralphred Varghese Gregory due to COVID-19. After testing positive for the virus the inseparable twins died within hours of each other. This happened a few days after celebrating their 24th birthdays.

Joefred passed away on 13th of May while his brother followed a few hours later on the 14th of May leaving their parents devastated. According to the media, the mother was called by Ralphred a few minutes after his brother had died. After listening to the mother who did not disclose the death of the other twin, all he said was "Ma you are lying" and hanged up the phone. He died a few hours later.

The two yong men began experiencing a fever a few days after celebrating their 24th birthday. However, after a period of isolation they worsened and were then admitted in the hospital.

His father told the Indian Express that he could sense after Joefred's death Ralphred would follow. He said, “Our world came crashing. When Joefred died, I had a sixth sense that Ralphred would not make it. Simply because they were inseparable.”

The twins were born 3 minutes apart and the died a few hours apart. In life they could not be separated. They ensured that till death. These are some of the untold tragic stories of the devastating nature of COVID-19. Life could not separate them neither could the virus. May they rest in peace.

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