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Immoral Behaviors Done By Campus Ladies Making Their Male Colleagues Take Advantage Of Them

We have heard cases whereby male students take advantage of their female colleagues but most of these cases are brought by the ladies themselves. Today, we are going to put focus on the kind of things which ladies do landing themselves into traps.

1)Apparently, there's this behavior whereby girls think that getting into a relationship with a man is like earning a ticket out of poverty and so majority cohabitate. You will find out that there are some ladies who have been living with their boyfriends in campus so that they can get financial favors among other provisions. To equalize this, the male students make ladies do wifely duties in their houses like washing clothes, cooking, cleaning among others despite the fact that they're all learning.

2)Another bad behavior is hanging out with men so that they can get free alcohol in clubs. Actually, many men often take advantage and do whatever they want most especially after buying alcohol for the thirsty ladies.3) Some ladies are in a competition of living luxurious lifestyles and as a result majority have sponsors who facilitate this. Every Friday or on weekends, you'll see ladies moving in town inside expensive cars and most of them are always being taken out by their 'sponsors'.

4) Getting into 'prostitution' for added income is another behavior which young ladies do and for this one, a good number of men will not reject the offer because the services go for as cheap as Sh200 which is quite affordable.

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