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Husband and wife relationship

20 Secrets Of Keeping Your Husband's Attention On You Always

As a woman who loves hers marriage, you should always make sure you are happy with your husband always. In order to achieve a better marriage then you should do this always.

1.Don't use your mobile phone whenever you are together.

2.Always have some counseling from your hubby whenever you have some issues.

3.Don't be judgmental to your husband, instead encourage him always.

4.Believe in your husband since he is not your enemy.

5.Create a good atmosphere to your husband as this can bring love and peace in your marriage.

6.Always celebrate your husband as your hero.

7.Never go against your husband whenever he does not meet all your needs.

8.Never underrate your husband.

9.Always help your husband in one or the other since he is a human being hence every human being needs help whenever he/she needs it.

10.Your husband is your responsibility, so make sure he looks presentable at any time.

11.Do not take your husband as your own ATM machine, at some time he may not have money to give you.

12.Keep your husband safe as he is the one you only have and will stay with him till death separates you.

13.Never embarrass your husband publicly, give him his honor.

14.Be proud of your husband no matter how he is since he is your validation.

15.Never compare you husband to anyone, he is your only instinct.

16.Always be free with your husband as he is not your boss.

17.Never provoke your husband, most husbands can easily get provoked.

18.Your husband can easily make mistakes, don't capitalize on those mistakes.

19.Don't feel that your husband does not love you whenever he needs space.

20.Don't take your husband for granted.

Content created and supplied by: Jafarmuzik (via Opera News )


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