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Signs Of A Low Value Woman.(Avoid Her)

Hello guys, hope life isn't too hard on you. Anyway today we shall discuss the topic as mentioned above. Respect is something that is important in any relationship. If she doesn't respect you, then chances are high for your relationship not being stable. So let's quickly look on some of the signs that she will show.

She belittles your feelings.

Thing that i am trying to say is that, she will feel like your feelings are inconvenient towards hers. Once a girl has such a mentality, it's very hard to change her way of thinking. A good relationship requires contribution from both sides.

Ince a girl starts to behave like she doesn't value your feelings, that's a clear sign of her not being interested in you. It isn't a must that she tells you to go but such a sign should help you to read her mind. Incase such a thing happens, i think it's good to walk out of her life.

Once you start acting like you care too much, the more she will try to prove you wrong. I know it maybe difficult to walk out of her life but why should you love a person who doesn't love you in return? Don't be too hard on yourself bro.

She gives you silent treatment.

This is another clear indication that she is fade up with you. I am sure most relationship break because if this reason. It's good to always find a solution incase something bad crops in to your relationship. Being silent won't solve anything instead it will make you guys to doubt each other.

Sometimes it's good to give someone a break so that he may think about himself but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't talk to him. Once you notice that your girl gives you frequent "breaks" you should know that all is not well.

If she really values you, she will be ready to talk to you despite all the hardships you go through together. Once a girl stops talking to you, i know most people usually go crazy and start asking themselves alot of questions. That's something that shouldn't be done by an alpha male.

She ignores your boundaries.

It's good to have your own boundaries no matter how deep you are in love. Some people usually fall in love and they end up forgetting who they really are. She shouldn't force you to do something that you don't want. Having your own boundaries is something that is very essential in any relationship.

Let's say that you guys have made an agreement of meeting twice per week. If she turns you down, then she should have a good reason as to why she didn't avail herself. A girl who likes you won't like to see you getting upset. So that means she will be respecting both your boundaries and hers.

I think thats all for today. Before i leave, she will cheat you on a regular basis. Once you notice such a thing, its obvious that she has started losing your feelings. Don't allow her to cheat you at any cost. Thanks for your time

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