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Tips To A Happy And A Wonderful Relationship

Relationship should never turn into boredom if you value it on everyday term. Relationship should never be taken as a task in life but they should be enjoyed being in them. Remember relationship should be a stress buster and not a stress booster. Keep praying God to guide you in your relationship and to grant you happiness in the relationship you are in.

 Never talk or keep contact of you past partners. Turning back is never a good sign for relationship. Because God gave you a good partner Soo that you have a wonderful life together and whenever you turns back ,and start comparing your partner with your past partner the relationship may lack value. Live focused and no turning back. Relax and cherish your relationship always without turning back to the past.

The should be no lies in your relationship, neither of the partners would ever lie to his or her partner. Small lies told today and tomorrow or keeping secrets another day in relationship life it may turn into a big fight or argument which can lead to misunderstanding, doubts and insecurities. Pray God to help you not fall in devil's trap of lying in a relationship or marriage.Everyday try your all best to become a great friend more than partner. Great friendship leads to fearless relationship. Best friends in relationship prays and shares their worries God together. And this makes God strengthen their relationship.

Good communication is very necessary to grows near talks or far talks and every talk makes the relationship moving. But when communication starts fading even the relationship starts fading.Everything that happened in your day. Keep sharing all the wonderful things that happened in your day with excitement. Manage time for your career and also for your love , where you get time to share about God goodness and workings in your lives. Partners should pray and read the Bible together. They should be always earger to know what God is say about your lives and what God what you to do in your lives. Note a family that talks to God together God make them stick together in happiness and love.

Remember you will meet tons of attractive people in your life. Pray God always to give very high self-control that you may never fall into devil's trap of cheating on your partner. Never be diverted and always maintain limits of respect with other people so that you don't ruin you wonderful relationship. Being Committed to your partner always no matter what comes your way.Being romantic to your partner by doing more romantic activities. This doesn't mean only sex in relationship, it mean watching movies together and having some sweet and cute talks. It can also be long drives or short nature walks with little supprises like hugs, cuddles, and kisses. How sweet can that relationship be I know you're imagining. May the Lord protect and strengthening relationships out there that they be full of love and happiness and never quarrels and fights.

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