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Things Christian Should Not Do In A Relationship

There are things you should not do as a Christian in a relationship.There are things a woman should not do in a relationship when she is a Christian and there are things a man should not do in a relationship when he is a Christian.Here are things you should not do in a relationship as a Christian.

1.Making other relationship leaving your partner .When you are a good Christian and having a relationship, get satisfied to your partner.Stop making another relationship.A man should be faithful to his woman an get satisfied with her and same case to man he should get satisfied with his woman as the only person he loves.

2.Fighting.Whenever a problem occur either in man or a woman, sit down together abd discuss to solve the issue.You should not fight as christians.The best way is to solve. the issue.

3.Comparing one another to other people.Both of you should love one onother and get satisfied with what one has.Yiu should not compare your partner to other people.

4.Staying away from your partner.You should create time and sit to discuss with your partner on future.

5.Making your partner to be annoyed all the time.Creat jokes that can make your partner smile and love abit.

6.Disrespecting your partner. Respect one another.When your partner is talking, listen well and take action to what he or she is saying.Not saying that you agree what you are not satisfied with it.Incase you are not on line with your partner, disagree politely and correct him or her.

7.Stop following your partner what he or she is doing.Trust each other and trust what your partner is doing.When your man is doing anything trust him that he is doing right things and also trust your woman's deeds and not follow her to see where she is going wrong.

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