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Words that will make your crush fall in love with you

There are words that always display your masculinity and manhood towards girls. Most of them are not used to hearing them from men which makes you unique and special. If you can be able to say these words towards your crush, them she will fall in love with you.

1. No.

Being able to say no to a girl is not every man's strongest suite. When girl notice that you can say no to them, they find you more attractive than other men. This will also make your crush love you since you can be able to stand out from other men.

2. Sorry.

Always say sorry whenever you are wrong. This will show you crush that you are a caring man worth calling in love with. You should not be apologising all the time because it may show tha you are also weak.

3. Decisive words.

If you can be able to make your crush do certain things even if she does not want to, it will make you unique in her life. Girls like something new and being unique is one of them. If you do this right, she will definitely fall in love with you.

4. Thank you.

Be a guy who always appreciates things no matter how small they are. This because your crush girl will love it every time you say thank you to her. You can that her for being there for you or doing something that makes you happy. This will make her develop intense feelings for you that lead to falling in love with you.

5. Hey.

This is a small but powerful word to girls. When a girl hears this word from a guys, it is likely to warm her heart. You can always use this word whenever you approach her because it is going to make her like you even more. With time, she is likely to fall in love with you.

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