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Husband and wife relationship

"Imagine 4 Years Of Marriage And This Is What I Wake Up To" Milly Wajesus Latest Post Sparks Reactions

Milly wa Jesus on her latest post on instagram shared a photo that elicited a lot of reactions on social media. In the picture, it was her husband Kabi. She took the photo as he was still asleep.

On the caption she wrote saying that she has suffered for too long ever since she got marriage. For four years that she's been married, she wakes up scared when she looks at her husband eyes.

She beseeched her husband to learn closing his eyes as he sleeps because he has scared the hell out of her too much every morning as she wakes up. Here is the photo of her husband sleeping that she posted.

From many of the Netizens reactions, they seemed less worried saying that they have also experienced such scenarios from many people. Others added that she should buy him some night blinders so that when she wakes up, she doesn't get scared.

Some told Milly that she is better off because its only the eyes because for them, some of their spouses sleep with their mouth wide open as they drain saliva allover the beddings. Check out on the other reactions that were made on social media.

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