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Best Conversation Starters To Use If You Want Her To Be Interested In You.

How is your day going?

Most people think that is unnecessary to ask such a question. You might know what she is going through that day not unless you ask her. If she says she is good then let her be but if she says she had a terrible day, then you can go on and ask more questions as to why such a scenario happened.

Some women are created in such a way that she can't say anything not unless you ask her. So if you won't ask her, she may think that you aren't concerned about her well being. It doesn't matter how busy you are but this simple question can change her feelings towards you.

What's your story?

Thus is another good type of question yiu should ask her. The bad side of it is that, this question seems to personal. She may wonder why you have chosen to ask her such a question. You shouldn't ask her when you are on a tensed mood because she may turn you down.

The positive side of it is that, she will fall for you because her instincts will tell her it's like you love her. A large number of women are really happy if you show your interest in them. So this question may be of great help when you want to capture her attention.

Give her compliments.

There are some men who are rejected by women out there because of this reason. Complimenting a woman isn't actually a big deal. You can decide to compliment on her outfit or how she carries herself around. It isn't a must that you tell her you love her.

You should give her compliments that you think she doesn't posses. Why am i saying this? This is because, when you compliment on something she doesn't posses, chances are high that you will be trying to be different from other type of men. Avoid giving her compliments that are too obvious.

That's all for today, i know it's usually hard for some of you when it comes to approaching women. I still believe that it's a man who should make a first move and not vice versa. So continue following for more articles if you want to boost your confidence when it comes to approaching that crush of yours. Be blessed and see you soon.

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