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If your guy has these 10 qualities, don’t ever lose him

Love, trust, and faith are some of the key factors in a successful relationship.

Here are ten universal attributes of a decent guy to get you started:

1. He treats everyone with respect.

Not just on your best days, but also when you're at your lowest. The server who served the erroneous appetizer, his coworkers, his family (and yours), and pretty much everyone is in the same boat.

Genuinely good people spread kindness wherever they go.

2. He's in a good mood.

A happy individual is not only healthy but also optimistic and fulfilled.

When your partner has good moods, there is always peace and love. This is what every lady wants from a guy. Treat your guy well even how bored he is.

3. He cares about you.

I know, it's a no-brainer. But I'm referring to the real you. Not just because of the way you look or the things you do for him, or because you're 4 inches shorter, but also because you enjoy staying in on Friday nights and getting along with his family.

A guy who loves you will always be concerned about you.He will always know what you want even without your request. If a guy loves you he would like to spend his time with you even if it's nature walks.

4. He looks after you in bed

A gentleman will always make sure the lady comes in first. Even if it's midnight he will ensure you are well and hold you.

5. He brightens your day

When you're around him and when you're thinking about him he will bring you gifts without your awareness. He will give you good promises which will turn you into happiness.

6. You can be yourself in his presence.

It'll never be real, no matter how much you like someone until you can let down your guard around him. You always feel comfortable even if he is not around you since you trust and love him. Your communication will be after every while.

7. He's the only one with whom you fantasize

Maybe you're drawn to beautiful blue eyes, big shoulders, and sculpted arms. Well, sex appeal is a whole bundle that includes more than just abs and penis size - your partner doesn't need any of those things as long as he's the one you want to spend your time with.

8. He spends as much as you do.

A guy who'll help you turn your dream tour-de-France vacation into a reality? Fantastic.

A man who then whines about every dollar you wish to spend on your trip? No, thank you.

If spending money on a nice rosé and staying in a posh hotel is your idea of a good time, you'll need a partner who understands.

Because money is at the basis of so many relationship problems, it's critical to be on the same page when it comes to spending.

9. He isn't going to put up with your nonsense.

Whether you're yelling instead of talking, being passive-aggressive while you're furious, or blaming him for a family/work situation.

He is aware of your tendencies and not only speaks to you in a friendly manner about them but also offers assistance when and when you require it.

Someone who sees you for who you truly are, accepts your shortcomings, and just wants to help you grow as a person? That is what love is all about.

10. He prioritizes you.

When it comes down to it, you are the most important person in his life, there is no doubt about that.

If his buddies want to travel to Vegas for a guy's weekend, he declines because he likes you, doesn't want to get in trouble, and knows it will mean missing that concert you rent to see.

And you'll never know if his mother despises the wallpaper you chose for your first apartment together because he tells her that if you're happy, he's happy, and that's the end of it.

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