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5 Ways to Make a "Difficult" Woman Fall in Love With You

If you want to make a difficult woman fall in love with you , you have to be attractive. It involves more than just being physically attractive becouse for a woman I it's more than the physical looks.

Most guys think that women are attracted by their looks but there are much more qualities women look for in finding someone to settle with.Women are also looking for healthy men, but there are a lot of other factors that are just as important.

Here are some of the ways to make a difficult woman fall in love with you

1.Make her life easier, not harder. If she’s independent and secure, you can’t be just better than other possible partners, you gotta make her life better than being alone.

if this doesn’t do the trick, it’s just not the right time. Be patient and the right time or the right person will come around.

2.Make time with her count. Be interested in her hobbies, dreams, past and future. If you honestly aren’t, then it’s not meant to be.

3.Become selfish in a constructive way, at the end of a day it is all about becoming a best version of yourself ,being a superior man ,self transformation . Good relationships, popularity and sucess are all the byproducts of being so.

Even after being and doing your best ,some girls may not like you, that doesn't mean that you are wrong ,it just means that she is not your type.If you are your best version there will always be someone who wants you badly because you are the type she is waiting for and you are the one who can fill the emptiness of her heart .

4.Notice the good. Help her see the good in herself and others. (We fall in love with the way we feel about ourself when we are with someone, like falling in love with love).

5.Tell her how much you like spending time with her

This can come in all sorts of different shapes and forms. You can tell her face to face that you really enjoy hanging out with her. Another route is to drop her a text or email to make sure she knows that she’s on.

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