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" My In Laws Were Heaven Sent " Woman Narrates How Her In-laws Supported Her

Lavender met the love of her life when she was still in school. At first they were friends but after they stayed together she got pregnant towards the end of her term in school.

After she got pregnant, she didn't tell her parents, so they continued supporting her throughout that semester without the knowledge of the Pregnancy.

The family of the boyfriend however, received the news with open hands. Being that the boyfriend was also in school, they needed all the support they could get.

When she finished school, she decided that she wouldn't go back home. They rented an apartment and she struggled through with the Pregnancy and a job that she had acquired that would last for five months.

The parents of Lavender knew that she was in Nairobi working. When the time to give birth came, Lavender delivered her baby safely and the support she got from the in laws was overwhelming.

This pushed her to tell her parents about the Baby, who they accepted without a second thought. It was after so much struggle that the Husband became a marathon champion. The two are still rearing their child together and their love for each other grows everyday.

Lavenders is happy that she made the decision to stick by the husband despite the challenges they underwent.

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Lavender Nairobi


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